Disinfectant Picture

Keeping our hair salon COVID safe

Wipe, clean and wash

Government guidance states that the best way to stop the spread of viruses is with clean hands and disinfected surfaces. Over the past weeks we have been stockpiling hand sanitiser, surface spray and disinfectant.  

We kindly ask that you use the complementary hand sanitiser when entering or exiting the salon, and our stylists will be washing their hands throughout and between appointments. To ensure that surfaces haven’t been contaminated, all touch points will be cleaned, gowns washed, and tools disinfected between each client.


While socially distancing is an effective way to reduce the risk of transmission, it is hard to implement perfectly given necessary proximity between hairdressers and clients.

Our stylist will be wearing full face visors for the duration on your treatment. You can be rest assured, that when undergoing a treatment, you will be shielded and protected, even if in close proximity.

Protective screens

To protect you from potential transmission while having your hair washed, we have installed a divider between the two wash basins. These means that when both basins are in use, you are completely separated from other clients. We will also do what we can to avoid hair washing two clients at the same time.

Limiting the number of stylists and clients

We are limiting the number of stylists in the salon to two, and no more than three clients inside at once, to ensure that social distancing can be maintained.


Your safety is our #1 priority so if you have any concerns or questions please feel free to reach out to us at hair@canonburygroup.co.uk or call us during opening hours on 02072266280.