Meet Our Stylists


Gian is highly experienced stylist teaching at the Unali hair academy in Turin for six years. Since then he has run his own hair salon in Italy and worked in London since 2001.

An artist at heart Gian spends his spare time painting and has crafted three wood sculptures – which are somewhere in Italy. Hairdressing allows Gian to express his love of art – “the haircut allows me to move with the hair and follow the flow. The precision of movement is essential and expressing myself with the cutting achieves the best results”.  


Karen started working in a hair salon when she was 13 – she wasn’t interested in anything else. Her poor Grandad had only four hairs on his head, and when Karen was growing up she combed those hairs to an inch of their lifes. 

In 1982, when she was 15, she joined Canonbury Hair, and has never looked back. Her motto “I want clients to come in and leave with something that is long-lasting and easy to maintain”, has been ingrained since her training and she believes that a quality haircut is what counts. 


In another life she would have been on stage in west-end, but in this one she brings her love of creativity to hairdressing (although that doesn’t stop her from a little karaoke at weekends!). Born and bred in Islington and cutting hair for over 40 years (joining Canonbury Hair in 1993) she has a wealth of experience in a variety of styles. 

She sees a resemblance between hairdressers and social workers, both caring deeply for their clients and offering a regular outlet in both good and bad times. She says that “my clients really appreciate having that support – we’re like family”.